We're founded on the insight that presenting data and text in an interactive, visual context promotes a faster, deeper understanding of information. It also fosters a more engaged user.



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2D view Our services start by reviewing current 2D layout experiences and assessing how an interactive, 3D model would improve your user's interpretation of and follow-up action to data and text information.
Two dimensional floor plate
Two to 3D Images are used to generate a 3D model—stored in a format optimized for delivery through the web.
Two to three dimensional conversion
Connecting data Unique IDs assigned to model components are linked to external data sources like energy consumption sensors.
Building model id: u_5_05
"u_5_05": { "name": "Unit 505" "task": "high-priority" } "u_6_10": { "name": "Unit 610" "task": "low-priority" } "u_6_15": { "name": "Unit 615" "task": "completed" }
3D experience Informed by user research and interaction design, 3D models are integrated into a web page where JavaScript parses external data and updates model components.
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